A Garbage Dump Twice the Size of The US

Somewhere off the coast of California, between Hawaii and Japan lies a vortex of “plastic soup” twice the size of the continental United states. Held together by underwater currents, 100 million tons of “flotsam,” as floating trash is known, “moves around like a big animal without a leash,” according to oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer.

It seems unlikely that such an enormous mass would have gone unnoticed by science until fairly recently. Yet, the flotsam evaded satellite imagery because it resides underwater. Scientists studying the North Pacific flotsam warn that unless consumers radically change their behavior the flotsam will double in size over the next decade. While there are significant environmental implications for marine animals the impact on human health must be a concern: Chemicals from plastics (such as DDT and hydrocarbons) leach their way into the food chain, ultimately ending up on your dinner plate.

Check out the entire article over at The Independent. Thank you Kathy Marks and Daniel Howden!