Oil And Gas Going Their Separate Ways On Climate Bill?

An Oil Field near Kirkuk, Iraq

An Oil Field near Kirkuk, Iraq

The New York Times has an article today on how the U.S. energy industry is reacting to the climate bill making its way through the Senate. Oil and gas companies, historically an effective hydrocarbon bloc, have started angling against each other as the differences in their emissions footprints become salient on a policy level. Traditionally, oil and gas would have worked together to defeat a climate bill through lobbying efforts. The fact that oil and gas are now on opposite sides of the debate (at least on this one topic) evince the level of seriousness with which the energy industry is taking the latest round of climate legsilation in the run-up to Copenhagen. The question is, can the oil industry still muster sufficient support on its own to torpedo climate legislation in 2009?

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