WBCSD Report on Eco-efficient Leadership

wbcsd_logojpgThe World Business Council for Sustainable Development published a report in 1996 on Eco-efficient Leadership for Improved Economic and Environmental Performance. I have decided to review this report for my second book report.

The WBCSD describes eco-efficiency as linking “the goals of business excellence and environmental excellence, by creating the bridge through which corporate behavior can support sustainable development.”

In this report, the WBCSD makes claims that eco-efficiency makes for great business and is great for the environment. I would argue that although yes, eco-efficiency can make good business sense, it is hard for me to believe that eco-efficiency is really implemented with the environment in mind. Although the WBCSD does not deny that businesses are out there for a profit (which is to be expected, as that is the nature of business), they make it seem as though eco-efficiency is really just a great marketing strategy. I took away that the environment is being used to somehow claim that a company is a better business. However, it seems to be that becoming eco-efficient is really, first and foremost, best for the business and not so much for the environment. Continue reading