Green Technology as a Public Good?

At the last week’s conference on “Climate Change: Technology Development and Transfer,” Indian PM Singh proclaimed that green climate technologies should be considered global public goods (GPG). Although Singh’s statement failed to grab headlines in the Western press it a remarkable and important idea that will surely receive increasing scrutiny. Continue reading


“There is no difference between India and China”

zenhua_rameshThe New Delhi Accord, reached today, between India and China aligns the two traditional rivals in a unified stance on climate change negotiations.  This move in the lead up to Copenhagen will have meaningful impacts on the type of agreement that can possibly be accomplished there.  The accord insists that neither China nor India will accept any binding restrictions on emissions.  It holds firm to the Annex I and non-Annex I distinctions in the Kyoto protocol and reaffirmed at Bali.  The South is uniting and the North may not have much in the way of recourse.