Food Glorious Food


For this week’s post I’d like to bring up the idea of food, particularly bioengineered food. Scanning the recent news, this seems to be an issue making a comeback in the global arena, especially in reference to developing countries.

Something I found interesting while looking for current opinions on this topic was a lack of consensus about whether bioengineered foods are a good or bad thing. A New York Times Article discusses whether biotechnology will become an answer for feeding those in developing countries who lack the means and resources to farm and utilize agriculture. Interestingly enough, this article makes no immediate and in-depth mention of the effects of GMOs, whereas another article I found on NPR’s website makes note of this issue. The article brings attention to the fact that the genes put into GMOs to give them their advantageous characteristics. However, there is concern as to whether these genes will have serious long-term, unintended effects. Continue reading