What’s Beneath the Surface?

Antarctice IceNPR had an interesting story today about what lies beneath the Antarctic Ice. To the left is one of the satellite images planes have been taking from above. What’s really cool about the technology this plane has is that there are lasers and other sorts of devices that can actually take pictures of what’s under the surface. Gaining this kind of information about life underneath the ice will give great insight to scientists that has never been available before. This technology will also be useful because it can detect water under the ice which can help us understand in more detail, the effects of the possible melting of this ice within the context of climate change. Amazingly enough, there are volcanoes, lakes, and rivers under the ice as well. Apparently scientists already knew these can exist but these images give confirmation and more detail to this subject. This technology will be key as further changes continue to happen due to climate change. Scientists will be able to track changes underneath the ice as it melts and formations change.

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