A Crisis of Democracy

AlGore_03 This past Saturday, I packed into a small Unitarian church with 500 other people to catch a glimpse of former Vice President Al Gore. He came to Harvard Square to discuss his new book, Our Choice, which is a follow-up to  An Inconvenient Truth. With only one short month before Copenhagen, I  jumped at the opportunity to see the Nobel Prize and Oscar winning former Vice President and the de facto leader of the current environmental movement give a speech on the politics of climate change.

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Earth in the Balance

al-gore-an-inconvenient-truthEarlier this semester, Nancy and I did a review of Al Gore’s book Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit. In his book, he really stressed the fact that people today are so detached from nature that we view ourselves as a separate entity altogether. He claims that humans are neglecting the idea of the future and only acting in the present, making short-term goals.

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