“Water is the new carbon”

Increasingly climate change scientists and policy makers are recognizing that water resources and availability will be the largest resource to be impacted by climate change. In a recent webcast published by the UN, several world water experts gather to discuss the difficulties ahead regarding water.


"Water is the New Carbon"

These experts make a call to policy-makers to bring the focus back to water. There will be an estimated 30% decrease in water resource availability in years to come, according to Colin Chartres, the Director General of CGIAR’s International Water Management Institute. Decisions must be made regarding mitigation and adaptation mechanisms for the water sector. Colin Chartres suggests that climate mitigation is all about greenhouse gases, while adaptation is all about water.

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Global Environmental Governance: Fixing a troubled system: An Interview with Professor Adil Najam

In an interview with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Adil Najam, a senior fellow for IISD and leading expert in international environmental affairs, discusses the challenges facing global environmental governance today.  Najam highlights the need for systematic reform to the way that global environmental governance is approached by the various players.  He compares organizing cooperation in the global environmental governance arena to herding cats and posits that a new system is necessary.

Senate Global Warming Bill Is Seeking to Cushion the Impact on Industry

The Senate bill aimed at reducing global warming pollution will initially grant billions of dollars of free emissions permits to utilities and industry but will require the bulk of the money be returned to consumers and taxpayers, according to newly released details.  The bill will also provide a cushion to energy-intensive manufacturing companies to ease the transition to a lower-carbon economy and to help them compete internationally, although the subsidies will disappear over time. The measure also sets a floor and ceiling on the price of permits to emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Continue reading

William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind