Our Mission

EcoCiety is an intellectual forum that explores scholarly and popular perspectives on the environment, human development, and the implications of international policy. Our goal is to advance a more just and ethical future, balancing human activities within the limits of ecology.

As graduate students with diverse backgrounds and perspectives our passion for creating a more habitable planet unites us. We will not entertain pretense in our analysis of the issues nor will our judgment be clouded by self-interest or allegiance to any particular group, other than humankind.


3 Responses

  1. Bravo! For your environmental prowess, you win my “Blog of the Week!” (Not that huge on a 3-month old blog…but I FULLY anticipate that one day my “Blog of the Week” award will one day be bigger than the Oscar! Bigger than the Grammy! Bigger than the Emmie…Emmy? M-E? [whatever])

    May I inquire as to which institution(s) your inspiring writers hail from? I would love to put up a special quick post admiring your efforts. Who knows? Might net you a reader or three. Honestly, one of the most fantastic blogs I’ve seen. You just gained a regular reader here. Keep up the great work.

  2. Seriously, the more I explore your site the more I enjoy it. The “forum” format you use is terrific; and your authors are covering a nice wide range of topics with thoughtful consideration. I hope you continue to grow the effort.


    • SevenCell, sorry if we lost you there. We picked up and moved without leaving any bread crumbs. Feel welcome to join us over at ecocietyblog.com

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