“Water is the new carbon”

Increasingly climate change scientists and policy makers are recognizing that water resources and availability will be the largest resource to be impacted by climate change. In a recent webcast published by the UN, several world water experts gather to discuss the difficulties ahead regarding water.


"Water is the New Carbon"

These experts make a call to policy-makers to bring the focus back to water. There will be an estimated 30% decrease in water resource availability in years to come, according to Colin Chartres, the Director General of CGIAR’s International Water Management Institute. Decisions must be made regarding mitigation and adaptation mechanisms for the water sector. Colin Chartres suggests that climate mitigation is all about greenhouse gases, while adaptation is all about water.

There is currently a pending resolution in the General Assembly regarding water, and high level dialogues are scheduled to take place March 22 2010 in New York. Aaron Wolf, Programme Director of Water Conflict Management and Transformation at Oregon State University highlights some major areas that need to be addressed, namely implementing smart water management, encouraging cooperation over transboundary water resources, reducing impacts of water related disasters, averting global water crisis and seeking sound policies that integrate water resource considerations into many sectors.  The webcast is long, as it is the full-length discussion, however, it is very informative on all things water, which many seem to overlook in the climate change debate. The webcast can be found at the following link.


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