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Warming Causes a Freeze

blog dying-coral-frozenSad news everyone: due to the rate at which coral reefs are dying off, researchers are considering take existing ones and freezing them for preservation.

The main reason, as we all know, for the quicker and quicker disappearance of coral reefs is due to the slowly increasing temperatures as a result of climate change. As warming continues, the option of freezing coral becomes a more attractive option to keep coral reefs a viable part of our climate-change-free-future.

To me, this is a sad state of affairs. According to the article, we are already past the point of doing anything to prevent a majority of the coral reefs from disappearing. How pathetic that we must create our own ‘Noah’s Ark’–  and scary, to say the least. Yet, I suppose it is better to take action on the things we can help, and this seems to be one way of doing so.

Full article here.

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