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Losing Battles but Winning the War

Blog CoalFiredPowerPlantLast Monday a lot of planning finally fell through to the dismay of a future coal-fired power plant. However, this meant good news for citizens in Minnesota and South Dakota and furthermore, for the general population at large.

Five years of developing plans went down the tubes as plans for the Big Stone II Project were rejected. This is all in thanks to the local grassroots support in these two states and not because of the regulators or developers involved.

You can read more about this news item here, but the main reason I wanted to point out this little piece of news is because this may seem insignificant in the scheme of things. However, in reading this article it gave me a little more hope that grassroots efforts can make a difference and battles can still be won. A staff member from the Sierra Club said, “This victory demonstrates that even when we may lose the battles—consistent pressure, engaged citizens, and strong partnerships can win the war.”

As the article points out:

1. “Stopping the Big Stone II project prevented about 4.7 million tons of CO2, or the equivalent of the pollution from roughly 670,000 cars (substantially more than all the cars in South Dakota) from entering the atmosphere every year.”

2. “Coal power is not the future of U.S. energy.”

Although these two major points are very important, and true, I think this article gave me back that little bit of hope that we can sometimes lose when constantly immersed in the field of environmental politics. I hope this passes on a little bit of inspiration to the rest of you, too 🙂

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