Developing solutions for countries suffering water scarcity

Advances in technology and knowledge need to be encouraged in developing countries which are challenged with the problem of water scarcity.


2 Responses

  1. Its a very interesting technology. However the technology seems to be relatively advanced, and expensive. Installing such machines can only be cost effective if users are able to maintain the machinery. The target of remote water scarce areas are unlikely to have the local capacity to maintain the device without assistance. The high cost is also seemingly prohibitive. Perhaps it could be introduced within a revenue generating stream that could be used to pay down a financing costs. If water could be sold for 10 cents a liter, productivity of 800 liters a day could raise the 9000 euro (minimum cost) in about 4 years of constant use.

  2. Judith, this is a really exciting new technology! Thank you for posting this.

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