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“The Global Deal”, A Need for Change

Global DealNicholas Stern’s, “The Global Deal” argues that we are facing the two greatest problems of our time, overcoming poverty and combating climate change. Therefore, it is essential that we find ways to increase the living standard across all nations while at the same time discovering ways to make living on this earth more sustainable over time. For the economists out there, Stern makes a commendable effort to create realistic targets to reduce global emissions and calculates the annual total cost of reaching the proposed targets. Stern puts everything in perspective, in terms of the argument that global warming is not being caused by anthropogenic actions, providing evidence on how inaction will only worsen the problem and cost more in the long run, and examples that the change in energy use is increasingly possible (within a relatively short time period).

We are currently one of the highest emitting countries, and the US really needs to make a significant effort to combat climate change, in terms of changing our sources of energy as well as assisting low-income countries. If we refuse to change than what incentive do other countries have to change their ways as well? Currently, it seems that the US is being very vague on the stance that it will make during the convention at Copenhagen. Hopefully, we are able to make effective policy decisions as well as promote other countries to do the same. In order for this to happen we really have to show the world that we have changed our ways and are ready to take a stand to combat climate change and poverty.

About the Author:

Nicholas Stern is a British economist and academic. He is IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, and Chair of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics (LSE). He, along with a team, wrote the Stern Review Report on the Economics of Climate Change, which was released October 2006.

Further Readings:
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  1. […] the road, revitalize of businesses in the city, equal opportunities for transportation, etc.  As Nicholas Stern has openly declared a great need for global transformation in order to reduce climate change, this […]

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