Introducing EcoCiety


We’re pleased to meet you.

This blog is the project of a graduate research seminar at Boston University on current issues in international environmental affairs.   Check out our mission and check back for regular updates.


3 Responses

  1. maybe edit as “graduate research seminar” to emphasize the research aspect?

  2. It is missing, because we changed domains and need to re-upload

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to access the information in this website.
    I realize the goal is to address current international environmental affairs and, hopefully, change and education is promoted by sharing this information .
    Please don’t overlook the small changes made which may not always make big news. There are organizations, the private sector, even grade school classrooms, which are striving to help the environment. It may seem like babysteps, but unless we make taking care of our environment a personal issue on a level all people feel they can contribute to and are responsible for then the big policies and changes will not succeed.

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